Wednesday, April 30, 2008

KT Tunstall live at Paradiso, Amsterdan 29-04-2008

What a perfect evening to go to our capital to see a concert of KT Tunstall. It was just a day before our Queensday and the night of the concrt it is called Queensnight, everybody dresses in orange and parties all night long.
In the fantastic pop temple 'Paradiso' KT Tunstall was the queen in my eyes! What a brilliant concert it was. An amazing performance with one of the most stunning voices I ever heard.
She started with a few famous songs like 'Other side of the world' 'Little favours & 'Hold on', the audience was completely going mad already. One of the most brilliant songs was 'through the dark; which she played on the piano and the country-folk song 'Ashes'. It made me happy that one of the band members played the contrabas, such a beautiful instrument which has it's charm. It's a shame you don't see this instrument too often anymore.

And ofcourse she was performing 'Black horse and the cherry tree', what a stunning moment was that. everyone wnet wild when the first notes were played and she played it with an orange hat, our queen would have been proud. In the end she played my favourite 'Saving my face'. The feeling it gave me is just beyond words.
She had her funny moments too, at about 21.30 in the evening it was the time for random facts like 'cat's urine glows in the dark' and the brilliant 'do you know in England nothing rhymes on orange?'

Well too say in short, a fantastic night which won't be forgotten! After the concert it was time to see the completely filled streets with partying people in Amsterdam.

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