Friday, May 2, 2008

Tears for you / Nada so so (Japan, 2006)

When you visit my site I guess you will notice that most films I watch are not the most happy ones. So when you think this time the movie has to be funny or happy, I have to disappoint you again. But what I can offer, is a film about love as strong is at can be. And to be honest.... when loves seems to be too perfect.... how can it end happy anyway. Destiny has a cruel way of pushing the most beautiful moments out of his way!

The film 'Tears for you' (Nada so so) by director Nobuhiro Doi is a film which stars Satoshi Tsumabuki and Masami Nagasawa, is about two half-siblings who are lft by there dad in at a very young age. The boy takes care of his sister in any way he can. she is able to go to a good school so he works to earn money. His dream is to have his own restaurant in the future but it isn't going that smoothly, he is deceived by some con-artist and his sister wants to live on her own because she loves him too much. Then he gets ill....

This film is all about love, not the common boy-girl relationship but a more difficult relationship between two half-siblings. A situation that is hard anyway. It's very subtle, and that makes it very beautiful. Not that it is an innovating movie, because it's not... you always know in which way the story will evolve but it's not even necessary. The things the director wants to do, he does perfectly, fantastic scenes about the chemistry between siblings which is totally believable.The sister calling her brother niinii (big brother in Okinawa accent) can be a bit irritating in the end though.

Even though it's very subtle, it is a very emotional film too so make sure you bring some tissues with you.

And to remember, watch the beautiful song during the ending credits cause you will be given a brilliant scene afterwards.

nd for my special friend and soulmate who lives far away:), I hope you will like this one too. I wish you wellness and happiness, it's hard missing you.

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