Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Host - Gwoemul (South Korea, 2006)

Yes!! It is really possible, there can be a great monster movie. A movie that is exciting, thrilling, emotional, intense and funny. Everything is in it and in what kind of a way! I'm talking about 'the host' directed by Joon-ho Bong.

It's a story about a a mutant that grows in the poisoned Han river in Seoul.

He suddenly appears eating people and spreading a virus, so the infected have to go into quarantine, and yes, also our heroes of this movie.

The monster is appropriate unrealistic in appearence. This movie is maybe a bit too unconventional to the American audience but damn, this a wonderful movie! The characters (a perfect strange family with an weird father, his daughter who wants a new phone, an educated but alcoholic uncle who has this brilliant line realted to problems in Korean society: "I gave my youth for the democratism of this country and now I can't even get a job" and an aunt who is always too slow, al hold together by the grandfather) are in a brilliant way introduced and the storyline follows these people. The story is great already, but for a monster movie it's almost beyond good. Every feeling there is in this world can be experienced in this movie. Ofcourse it's funny, but it really gets serious and emotional. It's the story of the characters that lift this movie into great heights!

And yes, some strange American doctors and politicians are really evil and arrogant! It is the cherry on the pie.

The acting is superb. Kang Ho-Song impresses very much and with Ah-Sung Ko a new star could have been born.
Please do yourself a favour and watch this unique, brilliant and refreshing monster movie!

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