Sunday, May 18, 2008

Le violon rouge (The red violin) (Canada, 1998)

The red violin or le violon rouge by Francois Girard stars Samuel L. Jackson for one of the many characters.

It's a journey through history and time, a journey of the red violin. It starts in Italy and we'll see it move through Germany, Austria and China. In fact it is not just one storyline but about four storylines which show the history of this violin.

It's very calmy paced and I think it can be best described like an historical drama. One of the things I liked about it was the spoken language. The director doesn't make the mistake to do it all in English so you will face German, French, Chinese and English language which for some people might be a bit difficult so switch (for the people who say they don't want to read a movie).
The music in it is very great, very strong and emotional. So prepare yourself for a travel through music and history!

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