Sunday, June 22, 2008

Freeze me (Japan, 2000)

'Freeze me' by director Takashi Ishii can be seen as a revenge or a survival movie.

The story is about a girl (Harumi Inoue) who is raped by three man and it is captured on a videocamera. This girl leaves her home to go to Tokyo. 5 Years later, when she is planning to marry a colleague, the rapers find her again, one by one.
From this moment on the wants her revenge and has something to do with a freezer.

It could have been a very harsh movie, an exciting one or a very emotional one. But in my eyes it is complete failure. It just won't work... the movie is cold (maybe that is why it is called 'freeze me'), never gest really exciting/interesting and it doesn't make sense at all. Maybe it's because I don't quite know Japanese culture very good, but I doubt that as well. To me this movie wasn't convincing at all.

To be honest, I did like the poster of this movie!

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