Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In Bruges (United Kingdom, 2008)

In Bruges is directed by Martin McDonagh and stars Bendan Gleeson, Ralph Fiennes and Colin Farrell... and ofcourse I immediately noticed our Dutch actress Thekla Reuten it it as well.

In Burges is a story about two Irish hitman who has to hide in Bruges but most of all it's a dark comedy. The conversations between Gleeson and Farrell are often hilarious and be prepared for oneliners like 'they are filming midgets'! The story has its serious moments to when Farrell is morally challenged by one of the outcomes of his shootings. The first half of the story is very different than the second half. Where in the first half it's mostly humour, in the second its more like an action-drama movie and deals more about human nature and the choices we make.
Sometimes Colin Farrell makes me a bit nervous with his acting, he just seems to overact sometimes but in this movie he is really great I have to say! Brendan Gleeson is acting brilliant like ever!

And Bruges.....well what to say? Our Belgium neighbours sure have a wonderful city!

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