Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hana-Bi (Japan, 1997)

Hana-bi by Takeshi Kitano is a tale about love, pain and violence.
While quiet and violent police officer Nishi is going to see his wife in a hospital, she is seriously ill, his partner gets shot. Nishi is slowly being consumed by guilt. At the same time he has some money borrowed by the Yakuza and they seem to want the money back. Nishi decides to rob a bank and split the money between his partner, who ended up in a wheelchair, his debts at the Yakuza and he takes his wife on one last trip, to make her happy for one last time.

It’s typical Kitano-style! Few words, the beautiful stills and with amazing works of art I have to say, like those brilliant paintings with an animal with has a sunflower head! Also the tender line between the love for his wife and the hard violent scenes make it a very intriguing film to watch. Takeshi Kitano doesn’t chose a very narrative way of telling it’s story but let the scenes tell the story. Like many other times, he himself Takeshi ‘beat’ Kitano acts really intelligent. He doesn’t speak much but has a good expression on it’s face. It’s also a very emotional movie, in fact is has everything that makes a film great, it is kind of poetry!

A interesting movie with a perfect balance between love and violence. In one word: Masterpiece!

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