Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lust, Caution - Se Jie (China, 2007)

Lust Caution (Se Jie) by Ang Lee stars Chinese leading actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai and introducing actress Wei Tang.
It’s a film that can best be described like a suspenseful erotic thriller. We will follow a group of students in 1928 and 1942 at Shanghai who form a acting group but also wanna be in the underground fighting the Japanese. They wanna eliminate one of the the Chinese important man who works together with the Japanese government. Tang Wei, one of the girls of this group of friends, should seduce this man (played by Tony Leung).

An interesting movie unfolds itself! It is a movie that depends on its mood, it’s a bit dark, it’s a bit lonely, it’s exciting and sexy. The rape of the girl is almost unwatchable, the killing of a person is shown horrifically, the erotic scenes are moody and explicit, the story is gently, cruel and subtle. It all matches perfectly! The acting of new star Tang Wei is really impressive and the acting of Tony Leung is outstanding again. I didn’t expect any different though because in my opinion he is one of the leading actors in this world at the moment.

The music gets under your skin, it adds to the suspenseful mood of this film. The clothing is really amazing, but yeah....those Chinese traditional dresses (the qi-pao are the most beautiful ever made), they are just so wonderful, it adds so much beauty to the film. Every little detail seems to be correct.

Ang Lee made a very impressive movie which gets under your skin, gets you the mood of seduction, gets you watch it for 2.5 hours and than ask yourself... is it done already? Just for the kids amongst us... yest it is for over 16 years old, the scenes are really explicit.

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