Sunday, July 6, 2008

Grbavica (Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2006)

Grbavica is directed by Jasmila Zbanic.

It's a very emotional story about contemporary Sarajevo. A mother and her daughter, who belong to the lower class, experience emotional difficulties. Esma finding it hard to move on after she experienced horrible events at a war camp. She has wounds that left a big scar in her heart. Her daughter Sara wants to go on a fieldtrip with school. For this she needs a certificate that her father is a martyr, a question which her mother seems to be avoiding. Why is she avoiding her and what kind of ghosts does haunt her from the past?

Mirjana Karanovic acts wonderful, she catches this sad emotion which seems to be just beneath the surface. The music, mostly folksongs about Sarajevo, fit perfectly for this film.
A very beautiful film about the aftermath of the Balkan war and the difficulties of a low class family in Sarajevo.

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