Friday, July 4, 2008

Waiting in the dark / Kurai tokoro de machiawase (Japan, 2006)

Waiting in the dark by director Daisuke Tengan is one of those hidden pearls that has been lifted to the surface!

This movie, which is very slowly paced and with little talking in fact, shows what true beauty is about. A world that seems to be cruel, a world that doesn’t contain any light to see. In such a world we meet two young adults. A girl, who got blinded after an accident and a boy who is a half Chinese who can’t seem to make friends and is accused of murder.
Those two people, together with a friend of the girl, are the stars of the movie. Sometimes you are in awe with a film but it seems difficult to find that one thing that makes it so special. This is one of those films, the acting of Rena Tanaka and Bo-Lin Chen which is just terrific, the cinematography is stunning, the story which catches every emotion and the beautiful and intense music lift this movie to great heights!

A brilliant story about two young adults who believe there is no place for them in this world.

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