Friday, July 4, 2008

Vanished / Oyayubi sagashi (Japan, 2006)

The story about a group of kids playing a game called ‘Oyayubi sagashi’. A game where souls will be transported to a mysterious room. In this room there is a thumb to find, the one who finds it has the ability to make a wish. Yumiko disappears during this game. Is she still trapped in this room? 8 Years later the same people will play the game again, nothing seems to happen but slowly they begin to disappear one at the time.
A horror film that could best be described like a film with a pretty interesting story which never really convinces. It just doesn’t get exciting too much, maybe it’s because the pacing seems to be a bit slow for such kind of film, though in fact its story becomes more interesting at the story evolves the ending is not really satisfying. This film is also impersonal, the acting keeps you at a distance and this influences the fact that it is never getting really scary. Ayumi Ito managed to do a good job, she acted well in my eyes!
Again we look at some scenes where a mysterious hand appears on a shoulder…. I think I have seen it before in Ju-on.

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