Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Cat returns / Neko no ongaeshi (Japan, 2002)

Another production of the famous Ghibli studio!
This time it isn't on a grand scale like Miyazaki's Spirited away or Howl's moving castle but Hiroyuki Morita has kind of it's own style, which created an interesting anime!
The cat returns is a film a bout a girl who rescues a cat and this isn't going unnoticed. The king of the cats wants to thank her for this, cause the rescued cat seems to be his son! She will be taken to the cat kingdom to marry the prince, but is this girl, Haru, wanting to become a cat for the rest of her life? I already see some cat-ears growing!!

Well I guess you should have noticed, maybe there is not too much depth in this story but that is fine because we deal with a film which is very humorous. Some scenes will really make you laugh and together with the good animation (do we expect different from a Ghibli production?) and sweet story it is a very enjoyable film to watch!

When you want to see a fat cat skydiving, and wallcarrying-cats falling like domino stones you sure should not miss this one!

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