Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Magdalene sisters (Great-Brittain and Ireland, 2002)

The Magdalene sisters is a rather shocking film about one of the catholic Magdalene laundries (assylum). Women who committed some sort of crime were send here.
In this film three girls are being portraited. Their crimes: Rose has a child out of wedlock, Bernadette makes the moral mistake of flirting with boys and Margaret is being raped by her cousin and tells her family members about it.
They are send to one of these Magdalene laundries for a long time, maybe forever. In this institute there are being mentally manipulated and physically abuse. Catholic religion is shown as the only true thing. The nuns are cold and cruel. This is also the mood of this film…very very cold and dark. In the end, after watching it the light seems far away for all of us! The only thing the girls could think of to escape, escape from this world of religious brainwashing.

An interesting and shocking film, by director Peter Mullan, about a Magdalene laundry in the sixties and the unfortunate girls who had to face this fate.

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