Friday, November 21, 2008

Noriko's Dinner Table / Noriko no shokutaku (Japan, 2005)

Interesting and remarkable movie, by director Sion Sono, about individualism. The story sets in the same world as ‘Suicide Club’ but from a different angle. Noriko’s dinner table is also known as Suicide Club 2 but the two movies are different completely. While the first suicide Club was filled with blood, this one is rather calm from an introspective stance. The story evolves about one family and the bizarre and weird things that happen in this normal family. The story can best be described as very strange and special, but it works in its way. It breathes a very weird atmosphere but at the same time grabs your mind. Some scenes are even hard to watch, because of the intenseness.
The acting is great, very impressive because the emotions are very deep and difficult to act but all girls managed perfectly!


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