Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yo-Yo Girl Cop / Sukeban Deka: Kôdo Nêmu = Asamiya Saki (Japan, 2006)

There are many ways to spend 99 minutes, and let me tell you, watching this movie isn’t the best one. Yeah, I had to laugh often, just a shame I wasn’t meant to laugh at those moments. Yo-Yo Girl Cop, starring Japanese idol Aya Matsuura, is not really a good film. The plot is very very thin and most of the time doesn’t make any sense. The characters and the dialogues between them are ridiculous and too sad to speak of. The acting, well it is also not the best you will see in your lifetime. The fighting scenes won’t convince for any moment and director, please, showing us a long scene where two girls sends text messages (by phone) to each other isn’t really great cinematography.

This movie can be enjoyed but than you have to think of nothing and smile for 99 minutes, it is all you get out of this one.

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