Friday, March 11, 2016

The path we wander

When we are young and look upon the world we see a wide space filled with dreams, possibilities and things we can achieve. When we grow up these same things are still on our mind but why does it get harder and harder to chase this freedom? Slowly our life gets regulated by responsibilities and things that are expected of us. Though in everyone the dreams will exist and will stay there forever like a lsumbering thought of what life could really be. When we close our skies we see this infinite number of possibilities as a colorful galaxy with millions of different paths that could be walked. Among all those paths there is also a grey path, the path of which is set out for us. The one people (government, family, maybe even friends) expects us to wander to  become a valuable asset to society or family. It is rather unbelievalbe that of so many choices, 99% of all people will chose this path. The fear of walking outside its boundaries it like an immense weigth which pressures so highly upon us we are even barely able to breath our own free air.

The thought of escaping this set future is also always in our mind to  experience life really, explore new areas and enlighten ourselves. It is strange when I think about it? Why is the colorful road to freedom and self exploration so much harder than a set and strict future which will stay gray for an eternity. The road everyone choses isn’t maybe the road we all want but it gives us more certainties, more faith in a steady future. But how can we ever know if we never try to chase our dreams. Dreams are infinite, and there must always be something among these infinite path that can be reality someday.

Someday, Just not now… Maybe that says it all.

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