Monday, March 7, 2016

Thoughts or just call it a soul

Looking at the everlasting sky you realize you are such a small creature in this immense galaxy. Clouds change and are passing by while you are looking at them but you remain on that same spot and think what will we left of you when you are self gone. People say your legacy will live on but only a fewpeople in this wolrd will leave a legacy. Most aren’t just there anymore and fade into the nothing. The question even is if you want to leave a legacy at all, everyone just live their own lives and they say it is most important you feel happy in this life and experience it to its fullest. That ain’t so easy at all, wit hso many regulations, responsibilities and things that are expected of you most people don’t have the time to find out what they really want tob e their legacy. To find something you enjoy to its fullest when duty calls almost 24 hours today is even a bigger test.
There are people, though I am sure not everyone,  who realize this and deep in their heart they know they should change their way of living, jumping in the black hole by making decisions that are truelly yours and yours alone. Will it be a wise thing to do? Well maybe not but we won’t know unless we try. And even i fit fails and everythings falls apart, in the end we all will be forgotten but your heart knows you tries and maybe that is wat life is all about. Trial and Error.

If there is a soul, which I stronlgly believe in, there just simply has to be something that makes you the person who you are which isn’t just mind and heart. Your soul will maybe transcend this fading into the nothing. Maybe this soul carries your own choices and decisions and one day some person or being will just be able to feel a little of your soul and realize you did what you thought would be best regardless the outcome. Maybe this courage will feed another soul and creates your own legacy: To be true to yourself.

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