Saturday, March 29, 2008

Battle for Haditha (Great Brittain, 2007)

Strong anti-war movie by director Nick Broomfield. Shot in a semi-documentary style we experience the killing of an US Marine at Haditha (Iraq) in November 2005. The aftermath shows the killing and execution of harmless villagers.
Haditha starts with the question we all (well I guess about 95 %) have in mind. Why are there Americans in Iraq?It's a portrayel of the war against terror and this film is not shy about the truth. I guess most American's won't like this movie too much because some US Marines are shown off like executioners instead of helping a country which is completely divided.
The storyline is well done, showing not only the US Marines, but also the story of the terrorists and the people which are being murdered.
To be honest, you have to like the style of filming a bit, it's sometimes a bit harrowing. You will definetely like it when you liked Bloody sunday and United 93.
Maybe it's a bit dangerous to say but after watching this movie you can understand why some people become terrorists. It seems like a visual circle. Terrorists kill an American, Americans take revenge on at least 15/20 Iraqi's and the surviving familymembers of such a slaughter can't think of anything else than take revenge on the Americans....

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