Friday, March 28, 2008 (Korea, 2003) Is a beautiful melodramatic movie (director: Eon-hie Lee) about love, sorrow and pain. It's a pure one that shows the beauty of love together with the greatest pain it can bring. In general ít deals about a girl(Gang Mina-a, played by Su-jeong Lim known for her lates role in I'm a cyborg, but that's okay) that is very ill and that keeps her away from making friends easily. Her mother (Misuk, played by Mi-suk Lee) wants to see her have fun and asks her often if she doesn't want to have a boyfriend.
A young photographer (Yeong Jae played by Rae-won Kim) moves in the appartment below theirs and faals in love with her, Mina slowly becomes more open to him and begins to enjoy the beauty of life. She fiends a friend in Yeong Jae and a friendship blossoms. But remember, Mina is very ill so this film has its emotional parts too, it probably will hurt your heart as well.
It's also very funny with small word jokes that are one of the best I ever seen. For example: A woman talks about noodle models while she means nude models. Just hilarious.
Don't expect a very difficult story, it's a pure lovesong which is at the same time truelly heartbreaking. It's almost impossible to not feel touched by watching this movie. Another wonderful thing is the cinematography, it's beautifully done. How subtle Mina's illness is shown is remarkable and most shots are wonderful. For those who don't like Asian cinema because the fact that they often introduce to many characters (which for some westerns are difficult to distinguish) you can be relieved. This movie only deals about a handful of people.
Wanna try something different than Western commercial cinema? Watch!! And the title...well it explains itself.

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