Thursday, March 27, 2008

A different kind of film (Fitna by Geert Wilders)

Well, this time I wanna talk about a different kind of film. A film that is responsible for a big commotion and haven't even been shown yet.
It's the anti-Koran film 'Fitna', made by Dutch politician Geert Wilders. All over the world people demonstrate to get this film forbidden but why exactly? Probably it will be an anti-Koran film but nobody knows really what it will be about.
More interesting is.... did Geert Wilders shoot the movie himself? How will he handle problems like shooting in the right light, background music (I guess it won't be quietfull traditional Islamic music, but who knows...), will the story be linear and exciting or will we just see still after still with an anti-Koran message. I'm curious about the camerawork, the artwork and will there be beautiful clothes in it? If it's really a film to be discussed about it can't be only about the contents, filmmaking is about so many different subjects.
The islamic world is upset and even the dutch government already apologized for this movie.... Do they really think Wilders will shoot a really disturbing or maybe a revolutionary movie? Or will it just be propaganda that will be forgotten the day after it's shown and maybe will be selected for the worst films ever made?

Why doesn't everybody relax and take it easy, all this fuss about something that never has been shown. We won't get rid of all young dogs because maybe in a few years one will get rabbies and hurt a child.

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