Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Aoi Miyazaki and what makes her one of the most beautiful actresses on this planet

There are moments in life when you walk on the street or are watching a movie you get hit by the absolute pure beauty of a person. At that moment you seem to understand the essence of beauty. What does attract you so much is not really clear but it just does. This magical force that totally surrounds you.
Well it happened to me as well. While watching the Korean drama ‘Virgin snow’ (First snow - Gyeoul yeonga)I was introduced to the Japanese actress Aoi Miyazaki (Tokyo, 1985). And I have to admit, I was completely stunned by her beauty. She has something that is pure, something that really finds the way to soften your heart.

What is it that she possesses? Yes, she is really, really beautiful, but not in the standard kind of way. In this movie she doesn’t wear sexy clothing, but just plain white clothes in the beginning. Maybe white adds to her purity.
In Asian cinema there is a total different culture of the clothing people wear. Where in the western countries we often see too much of a person with too tight shirts in Asian cinema (especially in China and Korea) it’s more reserved. It often does not even accentuate the body but it really makes the body. Because you have to compensate the attention is brought back to the beauty or purity of clothing. And this is what makes an actress already far more beautiful. One of the best examples is when Aoi Miyazaki wears a red Kimono in Virgin Snow. It’s just beyond words, true beauty.
True beauty still lies in the face of people and this is what, in my opinion, makes Aoi Miyazaki one of the most beautiful women on this planet and in Virgin snow she is in the bloom of her beauty. Her purity and softness of her face will get to anyones heart.

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