Monday, April 7, 2008

Brotherhood of war / Taegukgi hwinalrimyeo (South-Korea, 2004)

The Brotherhood 0f war is a movie that deals about the war in the beginning of the '50s between communist North- and democratic South-Korea by director Je-gyu Kang.
Two brothers have to go into duty and fight against the communists. While Jin-Seok (Won Bin) is a student, Jin Tae (Jang Dong-gun) is a shoemaker. Jin Tae wants his brother to be safe and to return home so he's got into the plan to win a special medal which allows his brother to go home. To get this medal he has to volunteer for very dangerous operations which is disliked by his younger brother.

Slowly they both grow into very different persons, which is beautifully shown as the impact a war can have on a persons personality.

This film contains heavy violence, one of the most shocking scenes I even seen in war films like the execution of common villagers. It's not really focussed on history but rather on the emotional parts of individuals. It's about exploring your own evil when you face war, something you never seen before. People who change into something dark, who don't recognize friends anymore but only see light in killing the enemy.

One of the most impressive and interesting parts can be seen when the South-Koreans (with help of the United Nations, seem to have liberated (or defeated the communists at) North-Korea. Nothing is less true, the next shot shows us the coming of at least 100.000 Chinese soldiers whohave come to help North-Korea.
It's a really strong movie about a war that in western culture seems to be a forgotten war.

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