Friday, April 11, 2008

Diary of June / Yu-wol-ui il-gi (Korea, 2005)

Diary of June is also known as 'Bystanders' and to my opinion that is the better name for this movie.

It's a film which in the beginning looks like a normal detective movie which has it's funny, exciting and sad parts. But it is more than this. When I finished it I only had one thing in mind, that I just saw a very disturbing movie.

The stoty deals about a boy who has written an advanced diary. In school he always gets bullied and in his diary he desribes how he would kill them. It's a way of releasing his pressure. After he committed suicide, his mother (which is played by the always fantastic actress Yunjin Kim, most people will know her for her role in 'Lost') who is a bit psychic starts to really kill the guys which her son described in his diary. She was an old friend of the detective that leads the investigation.

Like I said.. this story seems interesting but also not very fresh. And than the empasis in this movie starts to change. It doesn't deal too much on this child and his mother (ofcourse they are important and the focus point in the story) but it deals about 'bystanders'. People who see things happen but don't dare to raise a hand or lift a finger.

To be honest, probaly 90 % of all people would do nothing when something bad happens. We keep telling ourselves 'it has nothing to do with me'. And this film shows this message clearly, how such thoughts will ruin you and how you can get lost in life cause you also could never forget those moments.

It's disturbing to see how a teacher knows this kid is being bullied but thinks it will end sooner or later, how two girls see that another girl is being held by a few guys and about to be killed just turn a blind eye and walk on. The end is very different from most movies!

And this makes it an interesting movie to watch and a pretty good one too. In my opinion they could have made more of it but maybe it would be too heavy than. Now it's a bit cold and not too close, but I guess when it would have more emphasized on your feeling it would have been too hard to watch. Not a very famous movie, but when you have the chance...please watch it. It deserves it!

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