Monday, May 5, 2008

Abandoned / Torzok (Hungary, 2001)

Abandoned, directed by Árpád Sopsits, is a very harsh Hungarian movie about a boy who is takeb to a reformatory school/orphanage in communist Hungary in the sixties. Interesting is the fact that it is based on the childhood of the director.

It's a very cold and dark coming of age movie. The cruelty of the staff makes you feel bad yourself. The orphanage is more like a prison, and the only way to escape seems to be the universe, the stars.

This movie is abou tthe beauty of childhood, the beauty of innocence. On the same time it;s about the hatred of the director, the despair of a teacher and the ending of most hope. It seems to be a reflection on good and evil. It's a bit the same like a dictatorship, it works the same way. It is usually invisable to people who are not closely connected/affected by it.

The quality of the movie is great, the music fits extraordinary well. But it's not happy at all.....

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