Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Friend / Chingoo (Republic of Korea, 2001)

Friend, directed by Kyung-Taek Kwak and starring Dong-Kun Jang (the promise, brotherhood) as the most known actor, is a movie about friendship between four guys when they are young. By making their own choices when they grow up they don't see eachother too often anymore, but still stay friends in some way.

Two of them end up in gangs and from this point the story becomes more dramatic, you know the ending won't probably be too good.
A great story about growing up and friendship. In Korea friendship between guys is a very strong relationship (loyalty and sacrifice), and this is what the movie nails perfectly!

The action is very well done, not too much but it keeps the movie together in a way. It's a mustsee when you enjoyed Korean movies like 'a bittersweet life', 'A dirty Carnival' and 'Sunflower'. Most of all it's a movie about the passage of time between friends.

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