Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hana and Alice / Hana to Arisu (Japan, 2004)

I believe it now! I believe that there are movies that will get a smile on your face, and will stay there for more than two hours. Even when life is a mess and awful things ruin your existence, you will just feel good after seeing this movie!

Hans and Alice, directed by, shunji Iwai (which makes it his third film I watched of him this weekend after: 'Swallowtail buterfly' and 'all about Lily Chou Chou. I guess he can be added to one of my favourite filmmakers), is a film that deals about groing up and the friendship and drama between two girls. When one of them falls in love the friendship seems to be over.

The story is really great. Hana, which is secretly in love with a guy sees a guy hit is hit. What an opportunity it is!! She tells him he has got amnesia and that he forgot they were lovers. And yes, he believes it but the story becomes even more wonderful. This story has to be a bit more believable so Alice agrees to act like his ex-girlfriend which makes this boy even more insecure and confused. Why did he ever broke up with Alice?

Together with beautiful sidelines dealing about storytelling and ballet the story is just perfect. the music seems to be written for every scene, it just does match perfectly and together with the stunning acting it makes it a memorable film! It will put a smile on even your face!

And the final phrase: Oh no, a mosquito.......

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