Saturday, May 31, 2008

Be with me (Singapore, 2005)

Be with me is a movie from Singapore by director Eric Khoo. The director made a movie which consist of three stories of love. In the entire film, there are almost no spoken words so the scenery had to make this movie. This is what art is all about, because he succeeded in a perfect way.
The film never gets boring though not too many things happen. The painfull stories of a man who finds it difficult to move on after he lost his wife, of a girl who finds another girls she loves but after a while isn't able to reach her anymore and of a security officer who secretsly falls in love with a woman he sees passing by everyday. Another important story is that of a blind and deaf woman who writes her life story down.

The director made the choice to show some aspects of these different stories, it's not the average beginning and ending. A simple film which will remind people of their personal experiences with love in this life. Eric Khoo has done beautifully, with some really great music in it. I highy recommend this unconventional film.

And to quote: Are there dreams that do not die?

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