Friday, May 30, 2008

Machine girl / Kataude mashin gâru (Japan, 2008)

Normally I tell something about movies that has some kind of beauty in them. Mostly thes emovies are almost art, maybe even better. But I am making an exception now.
A movie that is very new and is called Machine girl by director Noboru Iguchi. I won't bother with the storyline cause you only will watch this movie for its, gore, gore, gore.
A strange Japanese action movie that had very weird special effects, in Hollywood I guess no one will like this one! But in fact it is rather hilarious! Tons and tons of blood, arms and legs flying everywhere..sometimes it's great t owatch such a movie cause afterwards you are having a big smile on your face. Well, critir=ts will probably hate this film but it's rather great! Minase Yashiro is the star of this movie, with a decent performance and yes ofcourse she wears a school uniform!

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