Friday, May 30, 2008

Glue - Historia adolescente en medio de la nada (Argentina, 2006)

Glue is a Argentinian coming of age movie by director Alexis Dos Santos. ant the story is about what? Well just like I said... it's all about groing up, discovering sexuality and troubles within your family. It's a very slow movie which just wants to show you a glimpse of an 16 year old Agrentine boy and his frustration with life, like all adolescents have at that age. For me the film was pretty much okay, but it didn't satisfie me completely. Sometimes it was a bit boring and my mind couldn't stay with it all the time (It's plausible that had to do with the sate of mine I am in).

Cinematograpically it was very good, some beautiful scenes were shot with an 8 mm camera, together with some adolescent philosophical texts. The music fitted perfectly as well and maybe this was the best thing about this film. I haven't said anything about the clothes yet but that is totally unnecessary because they are okay, there is not too much attention paid to them. And the title of this film refers to a strange drug scene.
A nice movie to watch, but not the best in town.

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