Thursday, May 29, 2008

City Sharks (Singapore, 2003)

Today I watched City Sharks by director Esan Sivalingam.
I didn't expect too much of it and when I just watched for about 15 minutes I thought the acting was really horrible. does it get you get used to it... yes.
And when I stopped feeling irritated by it I really could enjoy it. Not that it is a brilliant movie but some moments it manages to be really hilarious.
It's about three boys who grew up in an orphanage. The orphanage has to shut down or.... they have to raise much money. Well our three guys want to save the orphanage and collect debts in Malaysia. A road movie is the result, with its very good moments.
No sentimental or sadness this movie (well it is a tiny tiny bit though) but just a movie to have a good laugh about. But still..... why did the director wanted the actors to act in such bad ways.....
I couldn't even find an image of this movie!

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